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2021 VIC Program of Events

VIRTUAL STARFLEET International Conference 2021

12:30:00 PM Open Room for people to start logging in

1:00:00 PM CS WELCOME , CALL TO ORDER & INTRODUCE THE AB presented by: Fleet Admiral Steve Parmley


1:18 PM COMMANDER OF STARFLEET REPORT presented by: Fleet Admiral Steve Parmley

Fleet Award: Support Chapter of the Year

1:30 PM VICE COMMANDER OF STARFLEET REPORT presented by: Admiral James Herring

Fleet Award: Shakedown Chapter of the Year

1:37 PM CHIEF OF OPERATIONS presented by: David Pitts and Steve Bowers

Fleet Awards: Junior Member of the Year

1:44 PM CHIEF OF COMMUNICATIONS REPORT presented by: Admiral Jeff Higdon

CFO REPORT presented by: Linda Olson

IC 2022 Commercial and Q/A presented by: Richard Graham

CHIEF OF COMPUTER OPERATIONS presented by: Rear Admiral Willian “Tony” Knopes

Fleet Award: Enlisted Member of the Year

2:05 PM CHIEF OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE presented by: Major General TJ Allen

Fleet Award: Officer of the Year

2:14 PM JAG REPORT presented by: Brigadier S. Christopher Boggs

Fleet Awards: Flag Officer of the Year

2:20 PM FLEET ROLL CALL presented by: Admiral Mary Kane

2:36 PM Fleet Awards: Commanding Officer of the Year

Starfleet Academy Awards presented by: Franklin Newman III

2:45 PM Fleet Award: Chapter of the Year

Final Mission presented by: DJ O’Brien and the Gang

3:00 PM Break

3:30 PM Compliance Q&A presented by: Dennis Rayburn

4:30 PM SFDPP 101, 102, and now 103 Discussion presented by: Carol Thompson

5:30 PM CLOSING REMARKS FROM THE CS presented by: Fleet Admiral Steve Parmley